Best Websites & Apps To Download Music Free

For most people like me, that love good songs, we can’t possibly stay a whole day without playing or listening to music, either on our phone, laptop, car, or the house Home Theather.

Agreeably, music has become a basic lifestyle for most people, irrespective of religion, language, or race. It’s almost impossible to see someone that doesn’t have a favorite track that gives him good vibes whenever it comes on.

As you know, many music websites don’t allow visitors the option of downloading their favorite songs free of charge without subscribing to a premium account or paying for the individual track.

Imagine downloading up to 300 songs, $1 for each track. You will notice that you are spending not less than $300 on the songs. And as you know, trending and captivating music are released daily, making your chances of downloading more music high.

You can buy the tracks you desire or even subscribe to a premium account if you can afford the expense. But for most people that don’t have enough money to spend on that, this publication is for you.

Do You Know?

Most people often search on Google with the keyword “Download Free Music Online” and eventually get confused about how most websites are structured.

Or even end up not downloading at all because some websites will give you some tasks to complete before you can be allowed access to the specific track of your choice.

So, the experience sometimes can be frustrating, most especially if you don’t have time and energy for such tasks. Therefore I have researched for you and compiled together the best places to download your favorite music online free of charge without stress.

You are not only going to be discovering the best places to download free music online, but I will also guide you on every process of downloading the songs. Awesome, right? Yea, it is! For we love music as well as you do, that’s why I have decided to make the whole process fun and easy.

Let’s Go There!

shockvibes Free Music Download

#1 Shockvibes 

This website is a 100% free and legal website for downloading your favorite music with the lyrics included. This website was built with the user’s easy navigation in mind, meaning you don’t have to struggle to download any song you desire. All you need to do is click on your preferred music, scroll down and click on the download link to have your song downloaded on your device.

Free Music Archive

#2 Free Music Archive 

Is a platform for collaboration between curators and artists. The website was established in 2009 by the WFMU radio station. They offer free access to open licensed music.

While Free Music Archive is free and accessible to anyone without registration to download, you will still need to read their policy to understand how they operate.


#3 Boomplay 

Boomplay is a music app with over 60M songs from your favorite artists. With the app, you can stream and download hot, trending, and latest songs for free. However, they may require you to purchase some tracks. But don’t worry, because most of the songs there are free.

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