Finally, Netflix Drops ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Trailer

To be precise, stranger Things hasn’t aired a new episode since prior to the pandemic, which was in July of 2019. Therefore, it’s no wonder that viewers have been waiting to watch new footage of the new fourth season. Part 1 of the season premieres on Netflix in May. The second half of the season will debut on July 1. On Tuesday, May 13, a trailer of the new series was released. And it’s fantastic.

The eerie trailer, which is set to the 1983 Journey song Separate Ways (Worlds Apart), suggests that Dr. Sam Owens (Paul Reiser) seeks assistance from an ineffective Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) in “a conflict” which threatens her family at Hawkins, Indiana.

The police chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) is experiencing a difficult time in the Russian prison in which an elusive Demogorgon is apparently confronting him. We also get to see what appears like the show’s main antagonist, a mysterious being who lives in the terrifying Parallel Dimension, also called The Upside Down.

Fans could track the time until the trailer dropped by watching a strange streaming video posted to advertise the show. The video was focused on a tall, spooky grandfather clock dubbed”the Creel Clock. Creel House Creel House was the scene of a gruesome crime and will take on a prominent role in the upcoming season.

Before the trailer, several short teaser clips, four teaser posters, as well as still images from the upcoming season were released. One teaser showed the Creel house that was complete with a clock. It’s like the 1950s family that relocated to the house when it was in better condition, ended up in a bloody mess, and today’s kids aren’t afraid of getting in and playing with the spooky house.

Stranger Things captivated Netflix viewers when it first debuted in the year 2016. It is set in the tiny city of Hawkins back in the 80s. The series starts with the disappearance of an innocent child named Will Byers. Researchers from Hawkins National Laboratory have opened doors to the terrifying Upside Down and are experimenting on a group of kids.

One of them called Eleven is able to escape and joins Will’s group of friends. Two seasons on, and they have shaken the original group. The gang has been shaken up, with Hopper appearing to be dying (but somehow ended with a trip to Russia) and Joyce Byers taking her own family members, Eleven, and moving from Hawkins.

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