How I Met Your Father VS How I Met Your Mother: Review

HOW I MET YOUR FATHER Trailer (2022)

In the review and comparison of How I Met Your Father VS How I Met Your Mother, we will be exploring the characters and opinions.

In the How I Met Your Father series, Hilary Duff plays Ted Mosby, the romantic and hopeless protagonist of the original series. Kim Cattrall plays an older version. Per IMDb, she and her friends are trying to figure out how to live in an age where there are endless options and dating apps.

Although this character is focused solely on finding the man she loves, it seems that she has run out of luck after going on 87 Tinder dates. She finds comfort in Valentina, her roommate, played by Francia Rasa, and Charlie, Valentina’s new boyfriend, who is from England.

Some feel that the script is too comedic. Even with all of the references to the past, the show is “a mechanical simulacrum for friend hangs, dating in 2022, and a relic from a bygone age that enters into the sitcom Uncanny Valley.” According to Adrian Horton, “there is no reason to keep going unless the beats recall some past time of curling with the TV.”

Are we ready to let our friends live in luxury apartments in New York City? Many 20-somethings lost the opportunity to live simple adventures after the pandemic. Combine the desire to live vicariously through television with a target audience who thrived on “Lizzie McGuire and “How I Met Your Mother “, and voilà! It was the perfect show! So thinks Petrana Raduovic, Polygon.

However, IMDb reviews weren’t so kind about the first two episodes. They called it ” another wake reboot” with an ” overly varied cast,” which just doesn’t work ” either as a standalone or spin-off show.”

Now the big questions are, will “How I Met Your Father“, be able to sweep viewers off their feet? Or will it feel more like a warm, but still delicious leftover? We will only know when it is finished. However, I personally love the two episodes I saw, so let’s cross legs for the best.

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