How To Download YouTube Videos in MP3 And MP4

Youtube is an amazing video streaming website that hosts videos of any type free of charge without limit. With over 1 billion monthly users globally, YouTube has grown to be among the most visited website in the world.

YouTube is an addictive and fun video streaming site that gets you glued to your phone or pc anytime you visit to see a single video because you will end up spending minutes or even hours watching other captivating videos.

With the recent introduction of YouTube Shorts, YouTube has become more fun and user engaging. Like TikTok, you can watch short videos by simply swiping up or down on your mobile phone screen.

One of the main features of YouTube is the ability to download any video of your choice to watch later offline, but that feature has a limitation. 

The limitation of the YouTube download option is that the downloaded video doesn’t save on your phone memory, meaning that you can’t see it in your gallery or move it to your SD card because of the format.

Many websites and mobile applications may tell you that you can download YouTube videos from their sites. But because of the kind of spammy ads and redirections you may encounter, you may end up getting your phone or computer infected with viruses.

Not only that, you may even wish to get the YouTube videos downloaded in MP3 audio format because not all of us want to have all our music in MP4 video format. Especially for someone like me, I mostly love my music on MP3 because it’s more convenient for me to play and transfer to my other media players.

So I will be showing you where and how to download any YouTube video you like in any format of your choice without stress. Did I forget to mention that you will also have the ability to download it at any quality of your choice like; 240P, 360P, 480P 720P HD 1080P HD for videos, and MP3 70K, MP3 128K, M4A 128K, MP3 160K for audio format? Yes, that’s true.

Without wasting much time, let us begin the discovery on “how to download YouTube videos online for free.” This process will cover both the downloading of YouTube videos on your laptop computer and mobile phone. Remember it is absolutely free of charge!

How To Download YouTube Videos On Your Mobile Phone

How To Download YouTube Videos On Your Mobile Phone

To download YouTube videos on your mobile phone, you will need to first download and install Snaptube on your phone. Click here to download Snaptube app.

Type-in on the URL bar or click on the YouTube icon located on Snaptube’s homepage.

Search for the video you wish to download, click on it when you eventually find it, then press the download link to proceed to the last page.

On this page, Snaptube will offer you different options to download your selected video. So, you can choose any of your preferred formats and quality to get your video downloaded on your phone.

How To Download YouTube Videos On Your Computer

The method of downloading YouTube videos on your computer is not entirely different from the previous example while using your phone.

The only difference is we won’t be using any software this time.
All you need to do is, go to YouTube, copy the video’s URL you wish to download, visit, paste the copied YouTube URL code in the website’s provided space. Then click download to get it downloaded in your preferred format.

Yea, that’s how you can download absolutely any YouTube video you like using your mobile phone or computer free of charge.

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