IDG By Asa

Audio Quality320kbps
GenreAfrobeat, Hip hop
Release Year2022


[Verse 2: Wizkid]
Show me love I work hard
My brother man I work hard
Just to chill I live a life that’s so real
Every time I cool my temper
Some bad dey wan enter Is not so serious
Yeah you know I try to forget
Get a hold of my head I live a life so free (Yeah)
I don’t know If I need It all

But I know Imma take It all
Check yourself you can have It all o
Vanity you can have It all
I don see different kind of love
So I know If It’s real enough
Yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah

[Chorus: Asa]
I don’t go where no love o
Where my home o
Caraibe o, Down Soweto
Long long way o

[Post-Chorus: Asa]
La wala walala ye
O mo we le be oh me le we
O mo we le be oh me le we
O wa Shabasha Om be le we
Oo yan we o yon we o yon we
O wa she be de oo me le we

O yon we o yon we o lo nwe
Oh lord o

I don’t go o Where no love o
Find my way home
Caraibe o Down Soweto
Long long way o
Oh lord know Ah oh lord know o
Life’s one big road
Oh lord know
A long road Down Soweto Caraibe o Eh e eh o

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